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Posted: July 01, 2024


Tyler Dumont, Public Information Officer
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Operation Dry Water: Boat Safely During Upcoming Holiday Weekend

Marine Patrol

GILFORD, N.H. – The New Hampshire State Police announces its Marine Patrol unit will once again participate in “Operation Dry Water”, a national campaign designed to enhance public awareness about the dangers of boating while under the influence (BUI), with the ultimate goal of reducing drug- and alcohol-related injuries and deaths on the water.

From Thursday, July 4 through Saturday, July 6, Marine Patrol will join other maritime law enforcement agencies throughout the country who partner with the United States Coast Guard and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) to educate boaters about the risks and consequences of illegally boating under the influence. Marine Patrol officers will be patrolling waterways and will continue to enforce the State’s boating laws.

Ahead of Independence Day weekend celebrations, Marine Patrol reminds all boaters to navigate responsibly and always have a sober operator. All vessels on public waters must display navigational lights between sunset and sunrise, including proper lighting while watching fireworks from a boat. It is also highly recommended for everyone to wear life jackets while underway.

Alcohol is a leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths, according to statistics from the United States Coast Guard. Alcohol can impair a boater’s judgment, balance, vision and reaction time. In addition to being unsafe, operating under the influence is also illegal. In New Hampshire, boaters convicted of BUI can face fines, loss of boating and driving privileges and potentially jail time. The penalties for boating under the influence are the same as those for a driver convicted of driving under the influence. 

Additional information regarding boating safety is available on the Marine Patrol section of the New Hampshire State Police website. More details regarding Operation Dry Water can be found at