Trooper Leslie G. Lord 1951-1997

Shot while Assisting other Trooper - 8/19/97

photo of trooper leslie lordTrooper Lord, 45, was a native of the Pittsburg area and was a true public servant to this town. Upon graduating from Pittsburg High School, he held a number of positions within the town. He worked for the Water Department, the Fire Department, the ambulance crew and, subsequently, became Police Chief, a position he held for a long term.

He lived on Main Street, next door to Young’s Garage and it was not uncommon for him to be at the garage helping someone who had broken down and needed assistance. Helping people is something that he was known for and, of course, he was known for his smile and infectious laugh.

He had tremendous love for snowmobiling and was extensively involved in the Pittsburg area serving as Trail Master for the Northern Corridor.

He left his job as Chief of Police and took a position as a Highway Enforcement Officer in 1987 and then became a State Trooper.

Trooper Lord spent a great deal of time with sons, Shaun and Corey, hunting, fishing and playing sports. He was a great family man and enjoyed his time with his family.

He was an excellent police officer because he truly liked people and liked helping people. This was the reason the people in his area developed a great respect for him. A little known fact is that Leslie Lord was a volunteer dispatcher at Troop F when he was a teenager.

Trooper Lord will be sorely missed by his colleagues and his many friends in the North Country.

He is survived by his wife, Beverly, and his sons, Shaun and Corey.