Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol's mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible use for all of the State's public waters. Through its three sections, operations, aids to navigation, and the Boating Education Program, the Unit provides a comprehensive Marine Safety Program, places over 5,000 aids to navigation, and offers boating education for all recreation and commercial boat operators.


What We Do

New Hampshire state laws and Department of Safety Administrative Rules determine Marine Patrol functions and responsibilities. Generally, the Marine Patrol is responsible for the following fundamental activities:

  • Enforcement of state boating laws and administrative rules.
  • Enforcement of state criminal laws.
  • Investigation of all boating accidents and drownings.
  • Providing seacoast security.
  • Installation, maintenance, and removal of state owned marine aids to navigation.
  • Inspection of commercial vessels and testing of commercial operators.
North Country River Patrol

North Country River Patrol

Where We Operate

Marine Patrol has enforcement authority on all bodies of water having 10 acres or more, as well as rivers and tidal waters. Marine Patrol Headquarters is located in Gilford, although officers are assigned to work throughout the State.

When We Operate

Marine Patrol operates 365 days per year, with a primary operational period ranging from early May to the middle of October. Patrols are conducted in all weather and water conditions and at all times of the day and night depending upon enforcement requirements.