Commercial Boating

Information about commercial boating.

Commercial Registration

All commercial boats must be commercially registered and inspected by the State of New Hampshire in compliance with RSA 270-E: 22

  • Any boat used as a common carrier of passengers or property; operating on a regular schedule.
  • Any vessel propelled by electric or mechanical power carrying passengers for hire.
  • Any boat or outboard motor used by the proprietor of any school or camp in which minors attend.
  • Any boat used in conjunction with any form of enterprise where money or other compensation is received, whether actual or implied, for employment of the vessel.
  • Any description of watercraft utilized by an employee of any enterprise in the performance of the employee’s duties.

Commercial Licensing

In the State of New Hampshire a person must obtain a commercial boating license to operate a commercial vessel in compliance with RSA 270-E:22-23. A person must pass an examination before a license to operate a commercial vessel can be issued. The process for getting a commercial boating license begins with submitting an application. This must be done before making an appointment to test. The application takes approximately 10-14 working days to process.

  • The application must be completed and submitted to NH Marine Patrol, 31 Dock Rd. Gilford, NH 03249 along with a $15 fee.
  • The application is processed at NH Marine Patrol where it is kept on file until the applicant takes the Commercial Boating Exam.
  • There is no classroom requirement for this type of license.
  • The exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions, and an 80% is required to pass.
  • Once you have successfully completed the exam, your license will be issued to you.
  • The license is valid for five years from the date it is processed.

Renewing Your Commercial License

You will need to renew your license before the expiration date. This can be done by sending in a renewal application along with a $15 renewal fee. If you allow your license to lapse, you will be required to take the exam again.

Ten to fourteen days after the license application is submitted, you will need to call and schedule a test date by calling Marine Patrol HQ at (603)293-2037 (option 2).