Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau encompasses the uniform patrol and troop level investigative services throughout the state. Personnel assigned to the bureau account for 83 percent of the Division of State Police sworn employees.

The primary function of the bureau is the provision of motor vehicle enforcement and criminal deterrence patrol. In communities that do not have their own police departments, troopers provide the whole range of law enforcement services; conducting patrols as well as taking calls for service, covering accidents and investigating criminal activity. The uniform division also provides routine assistance to communities with small or part-time police departments, in addition to being a resource for city police agencies upon request.

The investigation of criminal activity within the seven troop areas is the responsibility of the detectives and investigative personnel assigned to each barracks. These troopers investigate all manner of crime, as well as untimely deaths within their jurisdiction. Troop detectives are frequently called upon to assist the Major Crime Unit and they assist out-of-state law enforcement agencies with investigative follow-up as necessary.

In addition to standard patrol services, the Field Operations Bureau also provides several special services to federal, state, and local agencies, as well as the citizens and visitors of New Hampshire. The majority of troopers with specialty assignments carry patrol duties as their primary assignment - with their specialty, fitness, education and certification requirements being over and above the standard requirements for a law enforcement officer. The troopers who staff these special units are assigned geographically throughout the troop areas to achieve timely response and the highest level of access to a breadth of specialty services.

Contact Information:

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