Special Enforcement

The Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) was created in 1980 to provide air support to all public safety operations in New Hampshire and respond to requests for service from federal, state, county, and local law enforcement or public safety agencies.

The unit consists of the following two manned aircraft:

  • A Cessna 182T fixed wing aircraft
  • A Bell 407 helicopter

Between the two manned aircraft the unit flies in excess of 200 missions annually. The Bell 407 is equipped with advanced FLIR Thermal Imaging, Downlinking System and a Moving Map System.

SEU specializes in enforcement of motor vehicle and criminal codes through the utilization of these aircraft. During enforcement initatives they interdict elevated speed violations and other aggressive driving behaviors to include Following Too Closely, Move Over and Jessica's Law violations. The unit continues to achieve high interdictions rates concerning speeds that routinely reach in excess of 100MPH. These enhanced aircraft initiatives are routinely scheduled across the state on the main thoroughfares during commuter traffic periods, holiday peak travel times and other areas deemed potentially hazardous.

Additionally, SEU provides assistance in the area of criminal surveillance, searches for missing and wanted individuals, and aerial photography.

Recently added to SEU are two unmanned aerial systems (UAS):

  • (2) Aeryon SkyRanger R60

These all-weather UAS platforms will enhance the SEU mission capabilities by augmenting the fixed wing and helicopter assets in a wide variety of situations with varying types of New England weather. The systems are both equipped with color and IR cameras.

The Division of State Police will make available on an annual basis a general summary of the UAS operations. The Division of State Police is currently authorized to operate in all allowable air space throughout the State of New Hampshire, as approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Any changes to the UAS program that would significantly affect privacy, civil rights or civil liberties will be immediately made available to the public.

Requests for service of the Special Enforcement Unit can be made by contacting the Field Operations Bureau at (603) 223-3858 or through State Police Communications Unit at (603) 223-4381.

photo of cessna 182t plane

photo of bell 407 helicopter

aerial photo taken using thermal imaging device

photo of special enforcement cruiser and helicopter