The K-9 Unit has been a part of the New Hampshire State Police since 1963. The teams, comprised of a specially trained trooper and dog, are geographically assigned to all troop barracks within the state. K-9 Teams are trained in patrol, search and rescue, drug detection, human remains detection, explosives and gunshot residue detection. All teams are trained and certified to New England State Police Administrators Conference (NESPAC) standards.

k-9 unit patchThe K-9 Unit is responsible for training dogs for patrol, search and rescue, detector and a variety of other specialties for the New Hampshire State Police and other local in-state and out-of-state departments.

The K-9 Unit is involved in over 1,000 missions annually. Patrol teams search for wanted individuals and evidence of crimes. They are also vital in the apprehension of suspects who flee from law enforcement. Search and rescue teams deploy throughout the state in order to search for missing persons and lost hikers. Specially trained narcotic detection teams detect illicit drugs on the highways and in businesses, airports and residences assisting drug units, U.S. Customs, DEA, ICE, FBI and other state and local agencies. They also assist corrections with searches of state and federal correction facilities.

photo of k-9 unit training dog   photo of k-9 dog in snow