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For Immediate Release
July 28, 2021


Steven Wheeler, Staff Sergeant
(603) 223-8778

Enforcement Initiative Conducted Throughout the State to Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes

On July 28, 2021 members of New Hampshire State Police – Troop G conducted an enforcement initiative to reduce the amount of motor vehicle crashes involving commercial motor vehicles.  Troopers from Troop G specifically focused their enforcement efforts on ensuring that vehicles were driving in a safe manner.  Troopers also conducted roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles throughout the State to ensure that drivers were compliant with hours of service, that drivers had obtained proper licensing credentials, that commercial motors vehicles were in safe mechanical operating condition, and that they were in compliance with size and weight laws.   Members of Troop G are highly skilled Troopers who have received specialized training to conduct roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles.  In addition, members of Troop G regulate and enforce laws and rules governing automotive dealerships and the State of New Hampshire Safety Inspection program.

During the daylong event, Troopers inspected a total of 101 commercial motor vehicles.  Troopers issued eight CVSA decals to commercial motor vehicles that passed a Level I inspection where no critical violations were found according to the North American Standard Out-of- Service Criteria.  Troopers also discovered 189 violations, of which 42 were so severe that they created a condition where the vehicle or its driver was placed out of service.  In total, 18 vehicles were placed out of service for critical safety violations such as inoperative brakes and worn steering components, while 4 drivers were placed out of service for violations including not possessing a valid medical certificate, not maintaining records of driving hours, operating while under suspension and not holding the proper class of driver’s license.  Troopers issued 19 citations as a result of commercial motor vehicle inspections.  Troopers also stopped several passenger vehicles that failed to comply with State of New Hampshire Safety Inspection requirements.

The New Hampshire State Police are committed to ensuring safe travel throughout the State and will continue our efforts to reduce collisions and traffic fatalities.