For Immediate Release
Posted: September 13, 2021


TFC Shawn Torsey

Investigation of Bone Fragment Discovery - Lincoln

Concord, NH – New Hampshire State Police in conjunction with the Lincoln Police Department, NH State Archaeologist, NH Medical Examiner, and US Forest Service, are currently investigating the discovery of human bone fragments in the area of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH during a recent construction project.

Police conducted a thorough search of the area.

Investigation is ongoing and diagnostic testing on the bone fragments is pending. To include determining the historical nature, age, and possible sex of the bone fragments.

At this time, there is no additional information available and there is no reason to believe there is a threat to the public.

Update 11/10/21

Concord, NH – On September 13, 2021, a small number of bone fragments were uncovered in the ground during a construction project in the area of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.  The fragments appeared to be human and did not appear to be recent.

Further investigation has revealed that the fragments do not appear to have been recently transported to the site where they were located, but were, instead, found in existing soil.  In addition, based on radiocarbon dating, the date range for the bone fragments is as follows: a 95.4% probability of the individual dying anywhere from 1774 to 1942; and a 68.2% probability of anywhere from 1718 to 1893.

Based on the results of the investigation and the testing, the bone fragments do not appear to be related to any open missing person case or recent criminal activity.  Instead, the bones are likely historical in nature.  Also based on the small amount of fragments recovered it is tentatively believed that the sex may be of an adult female or small statured male. There was no apparent trauma indicated on those same fragments. Unless new information is developed no further press releases are anticipated in this matter.