Narcotics and Investigations

A primary responsibility of the Narcotics and Investigations Unit is to identify, investigate, and ultimately apprehend individuals and/or organizations that are involved in the illicit trafficking of controlled substances in violation of state and federal laws.

The activities performed by the unit include the controlled buy of illegal drugs including marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs. Along with controlled buys, the unit also performs surveillance on suspects to apprehend them. The Narcotics and Investigations Unit also focuses on specialized investigations involving identity theft, prostitution, organized crime, financial crime, gambling, fugitive apprehension and auto theft.

To support the Division's commitment to working with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, NIU personnel are assigned to the NH Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, the DEA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

Additionally, the Division has responded to the increasing abuse of prescription medication in the state. The misuse of pharmaceutical drugs has been on a steady rise since 1995 with a dramatic increase in 2005. The Drug Diversion Investigations Section within NIU has been created to investigate various crimes involving diversion of pharmaceutical drugs, such as prescription fraud, doctor shopping, illegal prescribing by medical professionals and employee thefts at pharmacies.


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