Criminal Offenders FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Criminal Offenders registration.

A registered sex offender appears on the State Police Web Site for "Offenders Against Children," and there is no photograph, why?

Prior to September 20, 2003, there was no authority under New Hampshire law to obtain photographs of registered sex offenders for the purpose of posting them on the Web Site. New legislation enacted on September 20, 2003 allows local law enforcement agencies to take photographs of registered sex offenders on the occasion of their Annual Registration or a change of any information pursuant to Chapter 651-B. Local police agencies are then responsible for forwarding the photograph and the information to the State Police Sex Offender Registry. The Registry will then post the photographs on the website. It will, therefore, take approximately one year for the local law enforcement agencies to provide a complete photograph database. If a photograph has been forwarded to the State Police Sex Offender Registry by the local law enforcement agency, it has been posted on the website.

I have a question concerning a sex offender within my community. Who should I call?

Contact your local law enforcement agency concerning any questions regarding sex offenders living in your community.

How often is the Offenders Against Children Sex Registry updated on the website?

It is updated weekly.

Once an offender has registered with their local law enforcement agency, how long does it take for the State Police Registry to receive the information?

Local law enforcement agencies are required to submit the registration form within three days of it being completed.

When are offenders required to register?

Offenders begin registering upon release from incarceration or upon conviction when incarceration is not part of the sentence.

Where are offenders sent for incarceration?

Either NH State Prison or a county correctional facility.

Are the Administrative Rules and Laws (RSAs) available to the public to read?