Headquarters Communications

The State Police Communications Center, located in the Incident Planning and Operations Center in Concord, New Hampshire is responsible for dispatching Headquarters, Troop B, and Troop D personnel along with Liquor Enforcement, the Fire Marshal’s Office, Forestry and Fish and Game. Additionally, coverage is provided for Troops A, C and E.

Duties include providing the Command Staff with information on critical incidents occurring within the state, providing after-hours service for other state agencies such as Bureau of Emergency Management, Attorney General’s Office, Marine Patrol, Fire Marshal’s and Medical Examiners Office, and maintaining electronic lines to the National Weather Service Alert System, and the Seabrook and Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Facilities.

The Communications Center is also responsible for receiving all nationwide law enforcement electronic messages, which include the data entry system for both the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS). This also includes entering information from state and local agencies into the State Police On-Line Telecommunications System (SPOTS) and NLETS, including the NCIC state database for In-State Misdemeanor Warrants and Domestic Violence Petitions (DVP).

Always looking to remain updated with modern technology, the employees of the Division of State Police continuously explore new opportunities to promote greater efficiencies in order to provide a higher level of service to the residents and guests of the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire State Police Tow List

The New Hampshire State Police maintains an active tow list of qualified New Hampshire businesses compiled by the Division of State Police and used to dispatch wreckers and recovery and road service vehicles to tow, recover, and temporarily store a vehicle when the owner, driver or other person responsible for the vehicle is not present or wishes to have the vehicle removed and expresses no choice or preference of a specific tow business, or when public safety requires the law enforcement official in charge at the scene to clear the vehicle from the location believing, in his or her sole opinion, the vehicle is causing a public hazard or safety issue or is stolen, unregistered, was involved in a crime, or is in violation of a statute that requires immediate removal. 

To be included on the Tow List, please send the required documentation to nhsptowlist@dos.nh.gov.



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