J-One Program

J-One’s mission is to capture New Hampshire’s criminal justice information at its source and to share that information electronically with all interested and authorized criminal justice partners in order to keep New Hampshire one of the safest states in the nation.

The J-One program is a criminal justice information exchange project run by the NH State Police.  The J-One program supports an electronic network and computing environment established for the NH law enforcement community which enables law enforcement personnel to track a particular offender from citation/arrest/summons through completion of all requirements associated with the adjudication of the associated offense(s).  The J-One program supports the ability of criminal justice community partners to connect to the NH State secure communications network to submit and manage criminal complaints, motor vehicle citations, and crash reports in order to efficiently exchange such information and limit the rekeying of data.

J-One supports an innovative reliable foundation for the future which supports compliance with FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service Policy.  NH criminal justice agencies that benefit from J-One include:

  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies serving the 234 cities and towns in New Hampshire
  • County Sheriffs, Attorneys, and Departments of Corrections,
  • Department of Safety including the State Police, the Division of Motor Vehicles, Sex Offender Registry, Criminal Records Bureau
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Justice (Administrative Office of the Courts, Superior, and District Courts)
  • Fish and Game
  • State Liquor Commission

In addition, J-One supports many other criminal justice partners including, but not limited to, the NH Attorney General's office, NH Air National Guard, and federal agency partners such as US Marshall's Office, Interpol, the Secret Service, etc.