Troop G Driver Licensing Task Force

Troopers assigned to the Driver Licensing Task Force and their subordinates are responsible for the issuance of operator, motorcycle, and commercial driver licenses.

The Driver Licensing Task Force is operated centrally out of Concord and has 16 outlying substations online with Concord, ensuring minimal travel and time invested for New Hampshire residents. In addition, the Department of Motor Vehicles Bureau of Licensing operates a document verification section headquartered in Concord responsible for the verification of foreign documents presented by non-US citizens. The commercial and school bus road skill examinations are conducted in 6 locations throughout the state. Commercial road tests are conducted by certified Troopers. Regular road tests are conducted on a walk-in basis at all 17 DMV licensing locations.

Two Bureau of Driver Licensing sub-units that work intricately with the Division of State Police Troop G are:

  • Pupil Transportation – The Pupil Transportation sub-unit is responsible for the oversight of the state's school bus industry. The pupil transportation supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all school bus drivers and their equipment meet the minimum requirements of the state and federal regulations. The pupil transportation supervisor oversees the semiannual safety inspections of over 3500 school buses located throughout the state. In addition, the supervisor conducts routine audits bi-annually of the required documentation for all licensed school bus drivers.
  • Driver Education – The driver education supervisor is responsible for the oversight of the state's certified driver education instructors. The supervisor frequently conducts compliance audits and provides state mandated refunds to students who attend driver education courses. The driver education supervisor works in conjunction with a Department of Education representative to ensure adherence to all state driver education policies. The supervisor also attends driver education courses on an announced and unannounced basis to ensure all state policies and procedures are being followed.