Troop G Field Enforcement

Duties of Troop G Field Enforcement.

Troopers assigned to the Field Enforcement Section focus on the detection, arrest and prosecution of individuals who violate state Motor Vehicle and Criminal Laws as well as Administrative Rules. Responsibilities of the Field Enforcement Section Troopers include:

The Field Enforcement Section also has teams that provide specialized services. One team conducts mechanical examinations of vehicles and accident reconstruction at the request of other law enforcement agencies where there has been a crash resulting in a fatality and/or serious personal injury. Another team is charged with the detection, apprehension and prosecution of aggressive drivers.

Field Enforcement Section Troopers, having received specialized training and certification, actively enforce all Federal laws governing the movement and equipment of commercial vehicles involved in interstate and intrastate commerce as well as those commercial driver qualifications. Additionally, Field Enforcement Section Troopers are utilized in the annual safety inspection of every school bus operating in the state.

In the course of performing their duties statewide, Field Enforcement Section Troopers have occasion to interact and work in conjunction with numerous other law enforcement agencies at municipal, state and federal levels. Frequently, Field Enforcement Section Troopers will provide backup for other agencies as needed or handle any call for service where another agency may not be readily available.