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Troop F

The area of Troop F, consisting of Coos and Grafton Counties, makes up 39% of the total area of the state. Troop F is comprised of 74 towns and unincorporated places, approximately 60 miles of interstate, and 3,000 miles of state and local highways. Troop F is bordered on the west by Vermont, on the east by Maine and to the north by Quebec.

photo of toop f membersDue to the low resident populations in the many towns which make up Troop F, and due to the fact that many of the police departments in these towns are small or part-time departments, State Police personnel handle the majority of emergency calls for service in these towns.


Troop F
549 Route 302
Twin Mountain, NH 03595
Mailing Address:
PO Box 440
Twin Mountain, NH 03595
(603) 846-3333
Fax: (603) 846-5080