Extra Duty Details FAQs

Frequently asked questions about extra duty details.

What type of services do the State Police provide as Extra Duty Details?

They provide law enforcement services at construction sites, escort oversize loads, and perform other designated voluntary commercial assignments that are not related to the regular duties of a sworn employee that are primarily assigned through the Detail Desk.

What is the process for a new customer to apply for services from the State Police Detail Desk?

The correctly completed Contractor Application (available in Adobe Acrobat format) can be mailed, e-mailed (original must be sent also) or hand delivered to the Detail Desk. The shaded areas on the interactive form are required. The customer will be notified when approved.

Where are Extra Duty Details assigned from?

They are assigned within Business & Project Administration, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. You may e-mail the Detail Desk or contact the personnel via telephone number (603) 223-3861.

If I am not an active customer or in good standing as a customer, will I be required to apply for consideration?

Yes, customers who have not utilized State Police services recently or who have accounts that have been overdue will need to apply for consideration. If you are unsure of your status, please email the Detail Desk or contact the personnel via telephone number (603) 223-3861.

Is there a minimum number of hours required and what is the billing rate?

Details are a four (4) hour minimum with thirty (30) minute increments thereafter at $110.00 per hour.

How and when will we be billed?

Invoices are sent weekly by the State Police Detail Desk. Payment will be sent to the Department of Safety Business Office. Payment is due within thirty (30) days to avoid accounts being classified as overdue.

What if the invoices are not paid as required?

Additional services will not be authorized and the outstanding invoices will be subject to collections through the Department of Justice.

What is the cancellation policy?

Details cancellations must be made by the contractor at least twelve (12) hours in advance of the scheduled start time. If the contractor does not meet this requirement, the contractor shall be responsible for a 4-hour minimum payment per trooper requested. Troopers will not be paid for details canceled at least twelve (12) hours prior to the start time.

What if I need to cancel a detail or request a new one when the Detail Desk is not being staffed?

The after-hours point of contact is the State Police Headquarters Communications Supervisor at telephone number (603) 223-4381 for notifications of detail cancellations, requests for new extra duty details for approved customers and paging. New customers and customers not in good standing cannot request an extra duty detail through Headquarters Communications.

What paperwork will be required so the troopers performing the detail will be paid?

A trooper will complete a separate Paid Detail Voucher for each specific detail worked. Only hours which are actually worked by the employee shall be recorded on the voucher. Details are not portal to portal.

Are troopers allowed to split a detail with another off-duty trooper? If they split a detail, what are the paperwork requirements?

Yes, a trooper splitting an Extra Duty Detail with another trooper shall submit a separate voucher for only the hours that trooper actually worked.

If services are provided by the State Police, what are the troopers’ reporting responsibilities?

Troopers arriving at their assigned detail shall report to the company foreman, or his/her designee, and inquire as to what service he/she would like the troopers to deliver (i.e. traffic control, lane closure, speed enforcement, etc.). Troopers are required to remain at the location of the assigned detail until such time as the foreman, or supervisor, of the detail releases them. In cases where the company is a “no show,” troopers shall remain at the detail’s prearranged meeting location until they receive confirmation that the detail is cancelled.

What if a trooper observes a hazardous or potentially hazardous safety concern resulting from work being performed?

 The trooper shall first notify the State Department of Transportation (DOT) Engineer, if on-site, or the detail foreman and attempt to rectify the potentially hazardous situation. If the safety concern cannot be rectified, the trooper shall immediately notify the Noncommissioned Officer of the troop where the detail is located and the appropriate DOT Project Engineer. The DOT shall have the authority in determining if the detail will continue.

What if a trooper receives a call for service or must leave for an unscheduled emergency while on the detail?

If the trooper leaves the assigned detail to respond to a call or unscheduled emergency, he/she shall notify the appropriate dispatch center and the detail desk that he/she is leaving the detail and include where he/she is going.

What are the performance requirements of troopers assigned to Extra Duty Details?

Troopers shall:

  • wear the uniform of the day and the issued reflectorized traffic safety vest or appropriate reflectorized inclement weather apparel,
  • be alert for oncoming traffic and their own personal safety, as well as the safety of others,
  • be considerate of the motoring public and the workers on the job site,
  • position the cruiser to create high visibility to approaching traffic,
  • maintain military decorum and be governed by the Professional Standards of Conduct and orders of the Division of State Police,
  • be receptive to complaints from citizens and notify duty personnel,
  • take appropriate enforcement action as needed,
  • arrive at the detail fully equipped to perform the functions of a New Hampshire State Trooper,
  • troopers assigned to a stationary extra duty detail during daylight hours, shall remain outside the cruiser in full public view monitoring traffic, with the exception of brief rest periods or meals,
  • when a trooper is assigned to a stationary extra duty detail during non-daylight hours, the trooper may remain in the cruiser for safety reasons, unless the job requires them to be outside the cruiser or otherwise directed by the foreman or supervisor of the detail.

Will I have any contact with the State Police during the detail other than with the trooper(s) assigned?

Yes, Troop Commanders will ensure that Extra Duty Details within their troops are physically checked by the duty patrol supervisor at least once daily whenever feasible to insure compliance with the Professional Standards of Conduct.

How do the troop stations/communications centers know who is assigned to a detail within their areas?

Assignment logs are transmitted via fax or e-mail each day to all Troop and Unit Commanders and Headquarters Communications listing troopers who have been assigned to Extra Duty Details.