Criminal Record Annulments

New Hampshire RSA 651:5 enables certain criminal arrests and convictions to be removed from the state and FBI criminal history record.

The process begins by filing a Petition to Annul with the court of jurisdiction. There are required fees to the annulment process, specifically, a court filing fee of $100.00, a Department of Corrections Parole and Probation report fee of $100.00, and a state police administrative fee of $100.00 to remove the annulled CHRI from both the state and FBI criminal history. For questions regarding annulments, please call (603) 223-3867 and select option #3.


Customer Steps for Annulments

(1) How do I annul my record?

  • Obtain your criminal record from NHSP Criminal Records by utilizing the Criminal History Record Information Release Authorization Form. Be sure to Under the “Purpose of Record” check the reason code “Annulment/Expungement” and check the “Other” box and write that you want a “full and confidential” record.  The form will need to must be notarized if you are sending your request through the mail. Also No one may receive your record on your behalf.
    • A full record shows arrests, both non-conviction and conviction charges.
  • Obtain your Driving Record from the NH DMV.
    • Shows convicted driving charges.
  • Obtain all case summaries from all courts you would like an annulment in (some court cases are not on the criminal record).
  •  It is encouraged but not mandatory to check your FBI record. Annulments for federal charges must be filed through federal court to annul, the state cannot remove those.
  • Once you have obtained information from all databases you will then fill out the Petition to Annul paperwork.

(2) How much does it cost to annul an offense(s) out of a court?

  • The court will charge $125.00.
    • This is filed with the petition to annul paperwork at the court.
  • Department of Corrections will charge $100.00.  
    • You will be notified through the mail, soon after you file with the court.
  • The NHSP Criminal Records will charge $100.00 per court if there is a guilty conviction.
    • You will be notified through the mail once you receive your certificate of annulment from the court.

(3) What is the process?

  • Once the court approves the Petition, the court will mail the notification to the NHSP Criminal Records Unit.
    • If the offense finding is Nol Prossed/Dismissed/Not Guilty the charge will be removed from the NH Criminal History within 1-2 business days.  
    • If the offense finding is Guilty, a payment letter will be mailed by the NHSP Criminal Records Unit requesting the required fee ($100.00). 
    • Payment received:
      • In person - check, money order, cash, or credit card.  The annulment will be processed immediately, removing the charge from the NH Criminal History. 
      • Via mail - check or money order only. Once the payment is received, the Annulment Petition will be processed within 1-2 business days, removing the charge from the NH Criminal History.  
      • No payment can be taken over the phone.
  • It may take 2-4 weeks to be removed from the FBI record whether it is a conviction or non-conviction.

(4) Is there a fee to obtain a new criminal record check after the annulment?

  • Yes, the fee is $25, and you will want to ask for request a full and confidential record.

(5) Where do I call or go if I have questions: