Troop G Special Services

The Special Services Section is the primary criminal investigative section for the Division of Motor Vehicles.

The section, in support of the DMV mission, works with the Attorney General’s Office Residency Task Force and the Insurance Commission investigating fraud relating to the illegal use of New Hampshire addresses of non-residents to obtain driver’s license, vehicle registrations and titles. The Special Services Section typically investigates allegations of Title Fraud, Identity Theft related to the fraudulent filing of DMV documents using either a false name or the name of another, Residency Fraud, Registration Fraud, Odometer Fraud, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Cloning, and Theft by Deception related to the sale and distribution of motor vehicles. Troopers assigned to the Special Services Section are trained in recognition and investigation of counterfeit documents and forgeries. They work closely with the US Attorney's Office, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and with Diplomatic Security to assist in the identification of undocumented residents fraudulently seeking NH DMV documents. The Special Services Section, in addition, is a critical agent in the successful deportation of undocumented residents involved in criminal activity related to fraud committed utilizing DMV documents.

The Special Services Section works closely with the Field Enforcement Section and the Motor Carrier Enforcement Section of Troop G. In addition, members of the section assist other state and local agencies in either an investigative capacity or as a source of expertise in the investigation of criminal activity involving the possession or transfer of a motor vehicle.